Limitless Emerald Stingray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


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Limitless Surfboards offers you the right paddleboard experience! When you purchase the item, you get a complete set with adjustable aluminum paddle, air pump, and carrying bag and are thus immediately ready for use.

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Because it is inflatable, it can easily be transported in the included carrying bag. In addition, the carrying case offers an impressive accessory set. The bag is waterproof and made of sturdy, durable material. Thus, you can also protect your valuables and clothing from moisture and sand during your trip with the surfboard.

The paddleboard has a 4 in thick double-walled drop-stitch core and is made of PVC / EVA, so it withstands high loads and ensures optimum performance in the water. The sturdy structure and light weight ensure easy control and fast acceleration.

The 3 incorporated fins provide more directional stability and the non-slip traction pad guarantees a secure grip on the board. The scope of supply includes an air pump with a pressure gauge, which has a large air chamber and can carry air both during the up and down movement. The board is thus quickly inflated and ready for use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Balanced volume distribution.
  • Foldable design for good portability.
  • For people up to approx. 285 lbs.
  • 10 Feet long.
  • In addition, a handle has been integrated into the middle, which enables more comfortable carrying.
  • High stability for stable posture when maneuvering or changing direction.
  • 4 D-rings with rubber straps make it easy to carry additional equipment.
  • 1 D-ring for attaching the supplied safety line.
  • Incl. carrying bag with the accessory set.
  • The water-repellent carrying case protects against moisture, sand, and dirt.
  • High-pressure 1-way floor pump with manometer – for quick and easy inflation.
  • With the included repair kit, small holes or tears can be patched up on site.
  • With a width of approx. 30 or 33 in and a height of 4 or 6 in, the board offers a high level of stability and rigidity – the risk that your board will quickly be underwater with higher loads is thus excluded.
  • The latest, 2-layer drop stitch material has been interwoven with hundreds of stabilizing threads, making it extremely stable and durable.
  • A large non-slip EVA deck ensures safe standing and foot comfort.
  • With a double-walled drop-stitch core.
  • The double-layer construction is reinforced on the outer edge with additional PVC edges, this gives the construction additional stability.
  • With 3 insertable sliding fins for optimal tracking stability.
  • The safety valve is designed for a pressure of up to 12 PSI / 0.8 bar.
  • For all levels of difficulty from beginners to advanced stand-up paddling rider

1 Year Limited Warranty

Our SUP’s are backed by our 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against workmanship and defects. JSP has a 30 year history of providing quality products to customers from the automotive and outdoor enthusiast industry.

Limitless Details

Package Contents

1x JSP board according to your selection
3x fin
1x backpack
1x air pump with pressure gauge
1x repair kit
1x 3-piece paddle
1x safety line
1x instruction manual


JSP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, 10'6×32"×6" Ultra-Light SUP for Youth & Adult, Extra Wide & Non-Slip Deck, with Premium Inflatable Paddleboard Accessories & Waterproof Backpack - Volcano Whale: Easy to setup, very pleased. I'm very happy with this but haven't been able to take it out on the water yet, just waiting for better weather. It only took a few minutes to get setup except I had to take it outside since it was too large for my kitchen. Everything seems good quality even the carry bag. If it would only warm up a little bit here so I could go out on the lake.
JSP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, 10'6×32"×6" Ultra-Light SUP for Youth & Adult, Extra Wide & Non-Slip Deck, with Premium Inflatable Paddleboard Accessories & Waterproof Backpack - Volcano Whale: Great quality, more affordable than others and easy delivery Just beginning to paddle board and had known JSP products brand going back 30 years. Was surprised to see they are making paddle boards and was very satisfied with the product. Strong design, easy to inflate and fun to use. Don't know why others who are selling similar inflatable paddle boards are priced so high for what seems to be essentially the same product. Super satisfied with the purchase, 5 stars!
Andrew B.
Andrew B.


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