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The 10.5′ All-Around Aqua Whale offers stability and balance on choppy or calm water. Discover the authority in paddling, regardless of skill level, with easy-to-control and straight-tracking features. Wide deck and higher weight capacity make it perfect for one kid or pet, accompanied by an adult.

73 in stock

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All-around Aqua Whale is an excellent inflatable paddleboard package for beginners to all skill levels. The more expansive deck, planing hull, and progressive rocker profile allow for a comfortable grip, smooth glide, and straight tracking even through rough water. Whether you are up for relaxing with your pet, exploring the shoreline, or doing daily yoga, stability, and control are the most crucial attributes.

Our stand up paddle board includes a high-quality precision pump to ensure an easy and quick setup. It features the HR (Hulkey-Robert) air valve system, used only on high-end inflatable boards. This one-way check valve prevents air from going out when inflating the board and inflates it under 10 minutes. Again, simply press and hold the valve to deflate.

Rigid boards are easier to scrape, chip, or crack. In contrast, the military-grade PVC inner core, welded and glued seem, double-walled construction of this isup promises quality, durability, and affordability.

Have fun with your cruise standing or sitting on the comfortable diamond-patterned deck. The simple deck design gives you ample space for workout and yoga poses. This design prevents slippage when wet. Four D-ring tie-down gear storage on one end is perfect for carrying your travel gear.

The lightweight sup board weighs under 20 lb. The durable reinforced grab handle makes it easy to carry when inflated.

The sky-blue paddle board comes with a sturdy aluminum height-adjustable paddle that floats. Select the right size and lock it in place to achieve great stroke and smooth glide.

The Kumano fin system is screwless. Simply slide the three fins into slots and lock them with the pins. 

Our inflatable sup maintains a compact shape. It folds up quickly, and you can stow it at the back of your car. Make sure to store it dry. 

With Aqua Whale, you get the freedom and exposure to a variety of water that you can’t find in boats and kayaks. 


  • Suitable for both whitewater and flatwater cruising.
  • Six inches high military-grade thick PVC wall with more than 10,000 drop composite stitches along the interior core to enhance the board’s rigidity.
  • High-performance manual pump with pressure gauge inflates efficiently to 15 PSI. 
  • Straight tracking over long distances, but also easier to control when pushed by the wind, tide, or choppier water.
  • Easy to stand up on, easy to get back if you fall.
  • Four tie-down D-rings secure additional gear, and one D-ring for attaching the supplied safety leash. No rear cargo area provides more space.
  • The water-repellent carrying backpack protects against moisture, sand, and dirt.
  • The included repair kit allows for small holes or tears repair on site.
  • The board offers a high level of stability and rigidity. It alleviates the risk of quickly sinking due to higher loads.
  • A large non-slip EVA deck ensures safe standing and foot comfort.
  • It comes with three insertable sliding fins for optimal tracking stability.
  • Suitable for all levels of difficulty, from beginners to advanced stand-up paddlers. 

Three-Year Limited Warranty

Our SUP’s are backed by our 3 year manufacturer’s warranty against workmanship and defects. We know you will love your standup paddleboard, but if, for any reason,  you have any challenges, with over a million happy customers, we will be glad to make it right.

Technical Details

Package Contents

1x JSP board according to your selection
3x fin
1x backpack
1x air pump with pressure gauge
1x repair kit
1x 3-piece paddle
1x safety line
1x instruction manual


JSP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, 10'6×32"×6" Ultra-Light SUP for Youth & Adult, Extra Wide & Non-Slip Deck, with Premium Inflatable Paddleboard Accessories & Waterproof Backpack - Volcano Whale: Easy to setup, very pleased. I'm very happy with this but haven't been able to take it out on the water yet, just waiting for better weather. It only took a few minutes to get setup except I had to take it outside since it was too large for my kitchen. Everything seems good quality even the carry bag. If it would only warm up a little bit here so I could go out on the lake.
JSP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, 10'6×32"×6" Ultra-Light SUP for Youth & Adult, Extra Wide & Non-Slip Deck, with Premium Inflatable Paddleboard Accessories & Waterproof Backpack - Volcano Whale: Great quality, more affordable than others and easy delivery Just beginning to paddle board and had known JSP products brand going back 30 years. Was surprised to see they are making paddle boards and was very satisfied with the product. Strong design, easy to inflate and fun to use. Don't know why others who are selling similar inflatable paddle boards are priced so high for what seems to be essentially the same product. Super satisfied with the purchase, 5 stars!
Andrew B.
Andrew B.

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